Well, I’m here.

Finished my 1177 mile drive last night. My key to my apartment still works.

It’s humid, I had to get up early this morning to move my car so I wouldn’t get a ticket, all the coffee shops charge actual money for you to use their wireless.

I have spent the day excavating my belongings from the closets and crannies in which I had hidden them, and attempting to get things back in order. Not there yet, but many hours of labor later it’s getting there.

I’m throwing a lot away. Doubles of photographs and their negatives, old letters that have followed me enough times from apartment to apartment, tchotchkes of which* I can’t remember why I have them our how I acquired them in the first place. I’m giving away about a third of my clothes, I think. I can stand to do laundry more often and have less stuff.

I love my apartment. It’s a fantastic apartment. It helps a lot with the fact that I’m back in this city. Nothing against the people in it (ok, well, some of them) but this is sadly, simply, not my city. I still have two more years of learning to do here, though.

I have painted my toenails Evil Knievelish, shiny lime-yellow with a dark blue racing stripe down the middle and silver polka dots on the stripe.

Now it’s time to go buy a semester’s worth of groceries.

*grammar police, do your worst with this sentence.

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