Selected Interviews and Profiles:

NPR's On The Media: #MeToo Men, Repent
NPR's The Takeaway: Can There Be Redemption for the Accused in the #MeToo Movement?
The Atlantic: The New, Women-Led Theology of Parenting
MTV News: Meet Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg, Who Mixes Politics and "Radical Amazement" On Your Twitter Feed
CNN: Antisemitism in America
NPR's All Things Considered: Antisemitism and Jewish Expression
NPR's On Point: The Rise in Antisemitism Nationwide
MPR News: Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg on Real Repentance
CBC Day 6: How Mister Rogers' religious beliefs shaped his radical teachings
CBC Ideas: The Jezebel Problem
The Chicago Reader: The Twitter Rabbi (Cover Story)
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