For a long time, I have said that there needs to be a really proper punk cover of Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places.” I mean really, any song that starts off, “Blame it all on my roots/I showed up in boots/and ruined your black-tie affair”? Come ON.

Okay, I said that a lot a long time ago, haven’t thought of it in years. But I remembered today, randomly, and decided to find out if there was one. And I’m extremely gratified to discover that not only has some band called Virus Nine had the same good idea, but that their cover is available on iTunes. I haven’t been able to buy it yet (annoyances from the post-stolen-wallet thing, since they only want a credit card with a US address, my new ones are with my J’lem address, don’t feel like dealing with changing it right now blah blah blah) but more than anything, I’m just happy that it’s out there in the world, kicking the appropriate amount of tush.

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