Time for another update, I reckon.

Chapter 7 is almost done, except that I’m still trying to track down some information to help me rework a few paragraphs. If you work in cognitive psychology or cognitive science or have a PhD in psych or something vaguely related, shoot me an email through the “contact” link above, K? I’ve got some queries out to a few folks, but no bull’s eye yet re: the data I’m hoping to find.

I’ve also added what I’ve got of the intro and afterword to the word count totals, here, since I started noodling with them in my hours of dire avoidance of the big mean chapter.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
54,379 / 80,000

I broke the seal on Ch. 8 yesterday. Hopefully it’ll be easier going (though there seems to be a point in every chapter where I’m convinced that it’s trying to kill me, so easy is relative, I guess.) At the very least, this one has a lot more description and color in it, which should be kinda fun to hammer out.

Yesterday, I also had a quick read-through of the first five chapters. From my cursory glance, I noticed a bit of overload on certain words and phases, and that there are plenty of weak bits that’ll need to get totally reworked in the editing stage. But that’s later. For now: onward. After 8, there’s still 9 and 1 to be battled.

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