I just realized I only have 4 or 4 1/2 months left here, out of my 2 1/2 year (3 years, minus 6 mos in the US of A last fall) tour of duty. Crrrrrazy.

What would I want to do (or do again) before I go? Luckily I have family coming right before I leave, so there’ll be some chances to do some of the touristy stuff that’s not part of my routine. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t spend as much time as possible now at favorite haunts, or doing stuff that I’d never gotten around to before. Hmmmm.

ETA, As Long As We’re Here: OK, So. I have to get back to Mea Sharim at least once–there’s probably one more book-buying binge in my future, plus picking up stuff like a tallit and some of those amazingly kitchy Rebbe-themed children’s games. I get to the Old City once a month-ish (Women at the Wall, natch, though I’ve missed the last couple), that’s generally way more than enough. I should hit my favorite restaurants often, and get that Timol Shilshom Friday AM brunch at least once, and check out that Turkish place I keep meaning to get to. I should haul my butt to the minyanim I like but are just so faaaaaar to walk on a Friday evening, and go to one or two new places (the kinds with women’s galleries that I hate but gorgeous music) on principle. I have at least 2-3 weekends out of Jerusalem and a couple of day trips on my schedule. And a lot of just doing the things I already do, ’cause my life is pretty great, frankly. And anyway, I have this book to write, and a couple of mid-week hevrutot. That’s keeping me plenty busy as it is.

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