So I just took a look at the analysis tools on my blog counter thingy, and it seems that there are folks reading this blog from all over–in addition to my beloved friends and family, there are people logging in from Alberta, Canada; Hungary; Lebanon; Atlanta GA; Kentucky; all over Israel, and even the few parts of California in which I don’t know anybody.

Granted, most of these could be people who were trying to find indiscreet photos of the Olsen twins or something.

Since the comments page is generally pretty quiet, I have to admit that I’m intrigued. Lurkers, any chance you’d be willing to give a shout-out? Even if you know me, ‘cmon, play. You can post under “anonymous,” that’s cool.

Tell me:

1) where you’re from
2) the title of one book that rocked your world when you were 16 (or, if you’re 16 or younger, what’s rocking you now)
3) one thing on your to-do list before you die.

I’ll start. I’m Danya. I’m from the Chicago area, but also kind of from San Franciso or LA (depending on what “from” means) but I’m in Jerusalem right now.
I still get all animated when I talk about The Stranger by Camus (or its corresponding song by The Cure.)
I would love to live in the country–someplace really rural. I never have, for any meaningful amount of time.

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