I said the shechichanu over my first California sushi in 11 months. Yes, I actually did.

I have a raging caffiene headache, which serves me right for getting so heavy on the sauce this last month. It’ll chill out in a few days, but for now, ug.

I’m in the process of trying to decide if I want to continue this blog or not. I feel somewhat ambivalent about it. On the one hand, I started it for a very specific purpose–to keep in touch a bit with friends and family while I was gone, to save having to decide whose email got spammed with some long letter and whose didn’t (like I know who’s going to be interested in that? It’s not always the people you would think.) And now that I’m back whence I came, part of me wants to just let this thing come to a fairly natural conclusion. On the other hand, there are plenty of things that I’ve enjoyed about blogging that will be constant for me–I’ll still be learning Torah, I’ll still be chewing on hard questions and I’ll still be be bumping into weird things that appeal to my ridiculous sense of humor that will seem, for that brief moment after encountering them, urgently important to share with the world. I’m still grumpy that I didn’t have my digital camera handy when I bumped into the pedestrian crossing signs in which the pedestrian was altered to be, variously, meditating or an angel sporting a big ol’ set of wings. (Yerushalmiim, they’re somewhere on Rachel Immeinu between Kovshei Katamon and Emek Refaim, walking towards Emek. Not that big a deal, but man were they cute.)

So I dunno. Maybe I’ll stop blogging. Maybe I’ll blog less. Maybe it’ll be just the same and you all won’t even notice that I’m in an entirely different country now. I guess we’ll just see what happens, won’t we?

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