Going to see Pride and Prejudice when one is more or less in the middle of preparations for a Kabbalah test lends itself to some very strange dreams. Cute movie, though.

In other news, the great Kabbalah scholar Daniel Matt was in town this weekend, scholar-in-residencing at a local shul. I went to the Friday night talk, and it was OK–very lucid, but pretty basic. During the Q and A I got him to say that “The Zohar is a projection. There’s definitely a lot of projection in there.” He is a Kabbalist, of course, so he then had to spend a bunch of time talking about why it was important and useful and such nonetheless. But I was satisfied. I appreciate the Hasidic move of internalizing and psychologizing Kabbalah; this stuff is a very useful metaphor, in in the right context. It’s just when people claim that, say, these ornate metaphysics of the soul after death, or the shocking and I think heretical notion that God is a two-gendered being trying to unite and copulate* are absolute reflections of external reality that I get a bit twitchy.

And now, time for a day. Onward.

*Anthropomorphism, anyone? And such a problem to monotheism! I hold by Rambam–it’s a much better idea to talk about what God is not than to find yourself in such theologically treacherous waters.

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