1) Michael Moore is allowing his latest film, Slacker Uprising, about getting young people out to vote in ’04, to be viewed online and/or downloaded for free. Why? Because he wants you to vote. The trailer is below, and you can download the whole thing here, and if you’re an American over 18 and haven’t already, for pete’s sake, register.2) Eddie Vedder wrote a song for the Chicago Cubs, an ode to Wrigley Field. Awww. (I’m a Chicago sports fan the way a lot of people are Jews–my observance level waxes and wanes, but at all times it’s an important part of my identity, I understand where my tribe is, and there’s no way that I will ever, ever convert. I consider being a Cubs fan to be an important way to exercise the middah [virtue] of emunah [faith.])

You can hear it below, and you can download it here:

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