Grettings from the National Havurah Institute, or the ‘tute, as folks are calling it these days. I’ve been on a college campus in New Hampsire with 300+ smart, engaged Jewpeople since Monday. I am exhausted beyond belief, but it’s been grand. I don’t know when the last time was that I stayed up until 2am voluntarily, many nights in a row. The boogie was last night, and it was indeed boogielicious, and it was great fun to be the DJ/musical autocrat, and there has been swimming in the lake, singing, and lots of good time with extraordinary people. There’s been some great learning, as well–I’m taking a class on storytelling with the great Bear Bergman and have had lots of one-off workshops on everything from crocheting kippot (I can do the stitch but need help still getting the shape right–my first attempt was kind of a doll’s hat) to the future of Jewish feminism (answer: I still believe that there should be one.) I just taught a workshop/had a reading based on Surprised By God and I think it went quite well, had great turnout, people were into the discussion, so yay. I could use a nap right about now but I’m probably not going to get one. There’s too much happening. Yay for stuff happening!

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