I love Galgalatz. I really, really do. I know it’s considered all dorky and top 40 and mainstream, but I don’t care. I even tried to stream it this autumn, but it wouldn’t work with my Mac.

Galgalatz is the poppiest of the pop radio stations. They have a funny format, where they’ll play like 2 Israeli pop songs and then 2 in English. And the English choices are so very random, which is part of the charm–everything from the pop trash playing now to Elton John to Motown to like Li’l Kim’s most uncensored pottymouth to whatever. Usually I’m in it for the Israeli pop (we’ll see if this spring does anything to dampen my lust for bad Israeli pop) but the weirdness of the English selections is also pretty compelling.

Though (listening) is that a new Jewel single? Euuchh. Whatever I feel for this radio station, it’s certainly not unconditional love.

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