As time and cheap Internet allows, I’m going to try to post from the road. I hope you will forgive whatever typos sneak in from the Spanish keyboard.

So greetings from NE Argentina, near the border of Brazil. The last day and a half have been spent at Iguazu Falls, which is primarily known for its extraordinary waterfalls, but it’s also an extremely well-kept nature preserve. The falls were, well, breathtaking. There’s not a lot to say; they are truly one of the wonders of this earth. I said a lot of spontaneous brachot (I think I invented a couple) as we bumped into new and increasingly glorious sights. There were great arching rainbows all over the place, where the falls met the bright sun. I thought a lot about shefa (abundance, overflow) and wondered if maybe the Kabbalists were right after all. We took a boat ride that drove us smack into a couple of the falls. Some of them were terrifying and mighty, awesome in the original sense of the word. We got to hike around the falls themselves, and wander around in the jungley/rainforestish climate, where we saw lots of critters of various sorts–there are more wild coati here than there are cats in Jerusalem, plus iguanas, parrots, and all sorts of stuff in between. Between the waterfalls, the fact that there were great swarms of butterflies everywhere (and they came to sit on our shoulders and hats) and the rainbows, I became pretty convinced that there were unicorns hiding in the guapoy trees. I didn’t get a picture of any, but believe me, they’re there.

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