Woke early.

Went to Women at the Wall.

Went to school and studied for an hour (while drinking much coffee).

Took Talmud final.

Went to Israel Museum.

Saw Dead Sea stuff, and Ancient Near East stuff, including Pre-Israelite stuff (man, those maces that people carried around to whup each other are *vicious*) and First Temple and Second Temple and Mishnaic and Talmudic-Era stuff. Turns out that beautiful tiny pomegranate wand head is not from the First Temple, like we had all thought, which is sad, but it turns out they’ve found some other actual First Temple stuff, which is neat.

Came home. Have been packing, cleaning, doing laundry and, as patience for Israeli “customer service” allows, cancelling utilities. My friends who are taking this apartment have no idea how good they have it, esp. given the state in which I found this place.

There was visit from a friend to say goodbye for now.

Tonight there will be book-for-the-plane buying and dinner with another friend. The shuttle to the airport is due to arrive at 2am. Then I will be in the place where there is no time, or at least no particular time zone, for an extended period of time.

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