Happy Secular American Holiday to you all! I hope that wherever you are, you have safely avoided or survived Wednesday’s nightmareathon that is busy air travel under the TSA.

I keep forgetting that today is a holiday that I’ve celebrated probably every year of my life because here, I’m not bombarded with reminders–even though I was in the U.S. until 3 days ago. It’s weird. I blanked on the whole thing until I realized that I could talk to several family members at once, because my brother is home visiting my dad. I’d be there too if I were in the States, but only ’cause it’s a nice excuse to see family. Come to think about it, this is probably how a lot of not-so-religious Jews think about Rosh Hashonah and Pesach. (My friend and teacher R. Dan Shevitz observes that Thanksgiving is the one secular holiday with a Yom Tov Sheni.)

In any case, over here today feels like just another lull point between the hagim and Hanukah. I’m actually having chicken-style Tivol (veggie fake chicken breast thingys) for lunch, not out of any interest in marking the turkey-eating holiday, but because the pantry’s looking a little on the lean side. Grocery shopping tomorrow.

I hope everybody in all countries has a lovely day today, whether or not you have a day off.

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