1) I’ve just crossed the line–that is, from tea to coffee when working at home. At least I’ll have to detox for Yom Kippur, so I have hopes that, briefly, I’ll ever be able to feel caffiene’s effects on me again. It’s not going to be pretty by the time we get to spring.

2) I think it’s just dawning on me how hard this book is going to be to write, and how much work it’s really going to demand of me. Ow ow ow. Still waiting to get edits on the first three chapters back from my editor, I suppose then I’ll really have a sense of what I’m in for, won’t I?

2b) Why does my evil brain keep asking me to address questions for which I don’t yet have the answer? Come on, when do I get the easy ones?

3) For those of you looking to get a publisher or an agent, here’s a handy field guide to the ways in which querying is like dating (and how not to get yourself in the “loser” pile right away).

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