Well, the first day of school was yesterday. Granted, we didn’t have regular classes–there was a Yom Iyyun (study day on a particular topic), but I also had a class last night, so I feel officially indoctrinated into my last year of rab school. I’ll feel even more so today, when I have my first rab school class (last night was a class from the business school, since it might be nice for us to know something about running a nonprofit).

It was very strange to be at the official “welcoming breakfast” and to not know so many of the folks there–there are two classes of students I’d never met, and a lot of the people with whom I associate my rabbinical school experience have been ordained and gone off to the big world in the last couple of years. I suppose that this is what happens when you move to Jerusalem for three years–life, oddly enough, has been moving on over here as well as over there. (You mean the TV show doesn’t just stop everywhere when I turn off my television??) It’s all good, though; the new folk seem to be fine folk.

I’m glad to have the chance to do some good learning, though it seems pretty clear that this year is going to zoom by in a blur.

Let the zooming commence!

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