Theoretically, I have two classes on Tuesdays. But, so far this semester, the following things have fallen on Yom Shlishi:

  • Tiyul (trip) for the rab students who actually belong at my seminary this year (and are not interlopers such as myself), thus depleting the class of students
  • Purim
  • the elections (which are like a national holiday here–nobody works on election day)
  • two weeks of Pesach break
    and now, tomorrow,

  • Memorial day.

    Meaning we’ve had class, like… how many times so far? Not many. And the stuff we’re doing in the Talmud class is straight-up yumminess (masechet Brachot, ie the theological playground.) It’s a pity that I don’t get to, like, learn it. But the calender this year seems to be conspiring against us. The “good news” (*cough*) is that I’m short on the necessary number of pages for my Scary Talmud (Review Awfully Necessary) Graduation-Level Exam (STRANGLE), so I guess I’ll be learning those dappim anyway, on my own if not in class.

    In any case, today is Yom Sheni, not Yom Shlishi, so I had class as usual and as usual listened to the professor (who’s an American-born but like a manic baal tshuvah when it comes to his slightly-further-north country of residence) talk a lot about Canada. This is the class I’m taking to fulfill a U.S. Jewish history requirement. But I’m learning a lot about Canada. This is a very, very strange semester.

    In other other news, the record for the world’s longest bra chain has been broken. 114,000 bras is a lot of bras.

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