This has been all over the internets for the last couple of days, but it’s worth a mention if you haven’t seen, so I’ll post about it too. Allison Bechdel is the cartoonist behind the classic Dykes to Watch Out For strip and some graphic novel stuff, and she has this rule:bechdel

The rule got some play on NPR this week, and some further expansion of possible criteria on its blog, and now suddenly all sorts of folks are trying to figure out if their favorite movies/shows follow it, and why there are so many films that don’t.

It is, in my opinion, a very worthwhile series of conversations to be having. Who’s succeeding, who’s failing, and what does it say about us and/or our culture that this rule such an issue in the first place?

This all might be even more interesting in light of the words being slung around these days about female political leadership.

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