So I’ve now done one full pass on the biggest chunk of my Scary Talmud (Review Awfully Necessary) Graduation-Level Exam (STRANGLE) material–22 dappim (2-sided pages) of Pesachim, the full last chapter. I don’t have it perfectly–there are some things I didn’t totally catch (for some of them I needed a dictionary, and I was mostly doing this on the bus), and a few complex arguments I think I got, but was too lazy to go through and triple-check if they really made sense with my reading. I’ll have to do everything a million times, this is just the preliminary.

But I’ve got the first 9 dappim of ch. 3 of Moed Katan all xeroxed up and ready to roll. Anyone want to place bets on whether I have the oomph to start it over Shabbos?

(After that I’ll have 19 other dappim to review or learn whole cloth, mostly from Ketubot, Avodah Zarah, and Brachot).

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