Soferet Jen Taylor Friedman has started a tefillin gemach for women, based in NYC. She explains,

A gemach is a charity which lends things to people in need. Sometimes it’s basic stuff like plates, sometimes it’s wedding dresses, sometimes it’s furniture, and sometimes it’s tefillin. Men who can’t afford tefillin can borrow some from a tefillin gemach for as long as they need them. But women can’t, because gemachen don’t exist in the liberal Jewish movements (so far as I know) and the liberal movements are the only places where they’re interested in women laying tefillin. Bit of a bind, as it were. So I’m working on doing something about it. Slowly, as yet, but working on it. And lovely people who donate tefillin completely out of the blue are a vital component.

Go here to contact Jen if you have tefillin (or money to buy tefillin) to donate to the cause.

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