The F Word reports that Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls has parted way with her record label because she refused to cut images of her “fat” stomach from her new video–so they refused to promote the single and video:

[Palmer] refused to let them remove shots of her “fat” belly from the video for Leeds United (see above), and is therefore “uncommercial”. This comes from a metal label where, I have it on good authority, “you can count the number of women on the fingers of one hand and most of the people on the label are decidedly chunky hairy dudes”.

Amanda’s fans are quite rightly outraged by this shoddy, sexist behaviour and have begun a Rebellyon, posting pictures of their own bellies on fan forum Shadowbox and sending them to Roadrunner in protest.

The song and video are both a lot of fun. The singer looks great, actually, even though that’s entirely beside the point. I don’t know what’s wrong with people.

This makes me want to have a Beth Ditto moment, if you want to talk about gorgeousness and talent in one package:

Why are people so dumb sometimes?

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