Between being sick for like a week and having some high-quality insomnia on top of it, I’m a little zombieriffic right now. The weather got HOT, all of the sudden. This is a good thing–I am perfectly content with a summer climate and its attendant sandal usage–but that, combined with the mid-semester hard work fatigue has made us all a little antsy and ready for break, already, I think. It’s going to be a hard second half of the semester, what with the yummy weather and the knowledge that, after Pesach, it’s really only like 6 weeks until I leave. Holy cow. Did I just write that? Holy. Moly. Oy. That is SO not something I’m ready to wrap my brain around.

And I messed up–way back in August, when I booked my return flight, it was a little unclear when finals and the like were, so I picked a random Wednesday late late night in the right vicinity. And for some stupid reason, had the following Wednesday stuck in my head as the date–so imagine my surprise when I find out the other day that I don’t leave right after Shavuot, but, rather, the day my finals officially end. Which just stinks in all sorts of different ways–having to pack and study at the same time, not getting a reasonable chance to say goodbye to folks, because I’ll be, yes, packing and studying, missing Shavuot in Jerusalem (!!!! and I loveses Shavuot !!!!!!) and my friend’s daughter’s bat mitzvah, all sortsa things. Feh feh feh. I’ve already gone once to see if they have better dates for me, and all the flights are full. I’ll check back another time or two, just ’cause you never know with these things, but I’m gonna assume that it’s a done deal. I mean, worst case scenario I land in LA to Shabbat and two days of Yom Tov, which is a nice chance to reconnect with my friends there and sleep off my jet lag, but still. You know. Yeridah can be a harsh thing, man.

Also, we get two weeks of vacation for Pesach and I’m taking one of them in Ch’ul (Chutz l’Aretz, aka “Not Israel”), which should be great fun but I’m sad not to have more time around here–tradeoffs, all good tradeoffs, just feeling all nostalgic-y now, don’t mind me. But I’m going to Greece, which should rock, and I’m going with a friend who rocks, so fun should be had. Shabbos on the Greek islands? You know, twist my arm. Will be interesting to see how all my learning on hilchot avodah zarah (um, idol worship) shakes down as I wander amidst fallen temples to Zeus. Old things and islands.

Ugg. Okay, time for bed.

Hey, I see from my highly inaccurate statcounter thingo that some new people seem to have found this blog over the last week or so. prolly lots from Jewschool. Anyway, if you’re out there, welcome, feel free to say hi in the comments anytime the spirit so moves. That goes for all you other lurkers too, you know.

Now. Sleep. Yes, sleep.

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