Still down here in Bavel. Been seeing friends, running errands, getting my Shavuos on (highlight: a friend’s shiur on breastmilk and Torah, which is generally SO not the kind of thing that would captivate me, except that she’s an excellent teacher and so it wound up being really quite interesting). I still feel kind of off, which could be anything from my body clock still being a bit confused to Shavuos to this no-caffiene thing to not enough water, who knows. In any case, I’ll be pointing my little green car north I think tomorrow, for the next leg of what will be a multi-legged summer. This summer I will be in lots of places. Well, two primarily, but as my summer plans call in part for driving up and down the West Coast, there will be lots of other stops in other places along the way, to see them because they are there, as well as to keep the butt from getting too sore. You know how it goes.

No word yet from my brother about whether or not he will be free to hang out with me if I detour to visit him tomorrow. It’d add another 2 1/2 or 3 hours to my trip if I went to see him, which I’m willing to do, but only if he’ll actually be around to play with me. He’s in the late stages of a PhD program and is doing one of those intensive seminar thingys to broaden his skillset, so I’m not sure if he’ll be granted a hall pass yet or what.

It’s still weird to be back. Wonderful, in terms of seeing people that I really care about, but weird. Everything is blinky and shiny. I got mauled in traffic today in the freeway. I was gone a whole year and didn’t miss freeway traffic once. Funny, that. Anyway, I get to spend the remainder of the summer in places that are less blinky and also have less freeway time for me, and this makes me happy. I’m happy to deal with the return to this other, frantic pace of life a little later, aka not now.

And on that note, it’s time to get offline.

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