A lot of why I haven’t been posting much lately is that, unlike in days of yore, I haven’t had much access to computers in my day-to-day routine this summer. I wake up, rush off to a hevruta session, go from there to another one, have perhaps a work meeting in the middle or run some errands, and come home in the evening with not a lot to say about the big word, somehow.

Things are progressing. I’m working hard with my hevrutot, and we’re getting through dappim. I’ve had a good first pass at a bit less than half of the 50 I need to cover, which seems to be about on schedule–I still have plenty to cover for the first time, and lots of review ahead of me. Plus, I have 13 dappim to learn on my own (because there’s nobody around doing those pages) so that’ll take a different kind of focus and concentration. I’ve started plugging away at them, but, most of all, it’s hard to find the time since I’ve been in hevruta all day every day. But that will start to shift as I book in time for this, too.

In other news, things with the book are moving along. We have a pub date now! It might change (it wouldn’t be the first time a publisher changed its mind) but for now we seem to be on track for August, 2008. Now we just need to settle on a title, and we’ll be in business.

OK, today involves setting up my home office space (yes, I know, haven’t done that yet! It’s shameful), learning some Talmud and then going to a BBQ in honor of my friend’s kid’s first birthday. And the 4th of July, of course. Should be nice. Time to get to it.

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