My cold has, in fact, gotten some funny ideas in its head after all. The last two days were the cold-plus-funny-woozy, and now we’ve moved into the feeling more energetic, but with more of the runny nose and the Bride of Satan full-body coughing. I know this sick well–it’s the 5 day routine my body’s been doing since college, when I got it for the first time (though with much more flair) travelling in New Delhi over some break. It’s semi-bronchitis, I think. I already sound like an 80 year-old chainsmoker, and over the next few days the icgk will disappear but the oh-so-sexy emphysema voice will carry on probably into next week.

The question remains, what to do about davvening tonight? The wondeful singy-songy minyan is meeting tonight, which I love, but I’m hardly in a state to sing. I’ll probably show up and croak along a little, then get into a gigantic coughing fit, and then just have to listen quietly and, like, lipsynch along as they go. So pathetic, really.

In other news, the semester actually finally starts for real on Sunday. So crazy. It’s March. That’s a time for midterms, not a new semester! In any case, I’m looking forward to getting back in the saddle of learning, as well as (well, maybe) having a little more structure around here…..

Shabbat Shalom!

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