…I’m going home tomorrow.

Let’s see. 2 weeks. Ventured out into 5 1/2 (American) cities, stayed in 8 different places/homes (inhabited, in total, by 17 people; thank you everyone, for your hospitality), took 7 flights (8 tomorrow) and 2 multi-hour train rides (not to mention subways or car rides or whatever), and ate a few too many nasty, but kosher, power bars along the way.

The zipper seems to have busted on my suitcase. Keep me in your prayers that it stays intact until I get to the other side. Looks like my backpack is on its last legs as well.

Besides a few good people and some great art, I’m still not sure that I get the point of New York City. Truly. And yeah, I did live here a couple of times and everything.

OK. Packing and sleep.

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