Under the best of circumstances, I am a raving insomniac. This is not a thing I particularly enjoy about being me, but it’s what I got. Will have to wait for my next life to get the heavy sleeper gene (and all of you heavy sleepers, do NOT complain to me about howww hard it is to wake up! I will take that over weeks of sleep deprivation any bloody day, especially if you throw in the ability to sleep on planes or nap on a dime.)

I don’t know why I would think that the breezy phrase, “Oh, but I never get jet lag when I fly west!” would apply to me, particularly when I am doing so with a bad cold and an immune system that hasn’t been at full tilt for a month, but you know–silly that way. Also I ran out of my house in J’lem so fast that, though I remembered to bring my passport and toothbrush and all of the gifts intended for all the people and my computer adaptor… I forgot the melatonin. Silly, silly girl. That’s a drug that only helps me in these instances, but then it mightily does help. And yes, I know about acupuncture and herbs and meditations and exercise and teas and all the lot of it. Doesn’t help, or doesn’t always help, maybe. Sometimes.

So last night was not so hot. Right around the time it was mid-morning in the Holy Land my body snapped awake and decided to stay there. And today I am teetering back on the fluey precipice, sniffley and sore throaty and woozy and cloudy. Yuck.

The good news is that right at this moment I am enjoying the company of Laura, sitting in comfortable clothes and drinking tea and playing music and sometimes talking and sometimes each doing our own thing, that way of sharing intimacy and space with a dear friend. Love and comfort. And the ever-outdoing himself Mister Micah actually went out to buy me Sudafed and juice before he left for work, thereby officially earning himself the title of Supermensch.

So despite the crawling ick, it’s been a lovely visit so far, dinners with family and lunches with friends, Mongolian seitan and lots of cups of tea. If I can get myself back over to the other side of well, it will have been exactly what I’ve been needing lately. I daresay it might be anyway.

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