Well, I’m getting my work space set up, slowly. It’s very exciting. There’s been this space with my name on it for a while, but for the last 6 months it’s been The Area Where Things Get Piled And Ignored–work mostly happened on the couch or the coffee shop nearby. Some serious cleaning and rearranging later, things are looking up. I’ve got all my books set up on the bookshelves now–very reassuring to have most of my favorite titles here with me now–and some empty drawers to be filled with office-like stuff, and a nice desk by the window. And a whole big pile of papers I have to organize, but let’s not talk about that now. Need to scare down some nice, inexpensive picture frames or equivalent to hang up a bunch of the photos that I brought back with me–some for just general happiness, some which will be useful to me in this project.

OK, going to take a look at what I’ve got now–mostly the fruit of a few days’ work in chul–and pray it isn’t too convoluted or awful. I’ve been a bit avoidant the last few days, though in my defense I did have to set it aside to knock out the first chunk of this feminism essay. (The essay will, I hope, wind up being pretty cool–it’s for a social justice anthology, and I’m doing a dialogue with a super-cool veteran Jewish feminist, it’ll be something of a jazz riff on the subject at hand. I’ve sent her my first piece and await hers, and we’ll see how this all evolves.) OK, really. Back to my chapter. Wish me luck.

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