The last handful of days have been loveliness, featuring the extraordinary trees of Buenos Aires (perfect for climbing in, among other things), a ride in a boat in the iron-rich waters of a delta where five rivers meet, a cookie that is, in effect, a sandwich of two sugar cookies with dulche de leche in the middle, getting to watch my sweetie enjoy one of those famous Argentinian steaks (no thanks for me), and a lot of just walking around, being outside regular routines.

Restaurant eating has been just fine (they keep the kosher in Buenos Aires) but my goodness, these Argentinians put beef fat in cookies and crackers, and gelatin in just about everything else. My Spanish label-reading has gotten quite good, as it will need to be, given that we´re heading south, away from all the Yidden, this afternoon.

I would like to announce that I have a new project: I´m now going to try to play Ms. Pac Man in as many different countries as I can. As of last night, I´m up to four, and that might have to be it for a while (unless I sneak over the border to Mexico when I get back to find a video arcade, just on principle). But I have time; this is a long term project that will last until the game is completely obsolete everywhere.

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