It’s autumn. I am wearing socks, hanging clothes to dry doesn’t seem to totally do it anymore (luckily there’s a dryer here, though it takes like four hours to dry a load if you start with the clothes straight from the washer–so I hang dry for a couple of days first) and this morning the solar heater did not provide the usual loving spray of hot, hot water. Time to start using the electric water heater.

This part’s OK, but I’m dreading the turn towards winter. I hate winters in this country. Jerusalem apartments are built to stay cool in the summer, not to retain heat in the winter. I’m from Chicago, it’s not like I don’t know from a real winter–but there, even if it’s a bajillion degrees below zero, you can still go inside and instantly warm up. Not so much here. Brrr.

Well, first thing’s first: Sukkot. It might be wear-a-sweater-in-the-sukkah weather, but it’s still warm enough to be able to sit outside sanely, so I can’t complain. Not so much for you folks out in Ithaca or wherever.

Wow, this is a post about the weather. Heh.

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