It’s been such a long break from blogging that I’ve neglected to note that some stuff that I had written a while back has finally made it out into the big world.

  • An essay that I co-wrote with Rabbi Rebecca Alpert (it’s more of a dialogue, really; it was awfully fun to write) has come out in the excellent book Righteous Indignation: A Jewish Call for Justice. The essay is about trying to create priorities in Jewish feminist work–how much should we be engaged in the world at large and how much focused on trying to fix our own communities first?
  • A piece in Shma‘s sex issue came out on teaching Jewish sexual ethics to teenagers
  • I’ve also got four essays in a book on theology for teenagers from Torah Aura called, God: Jewish Choices for Struggling With the Ultimate
  • And, for extra bonus publishing happiness, I should note that Hanne Blank’s excellent book Virgin: The Untouched History is coming out in paperback, finally.

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