Tomorrow I get on a plane for Paris, where the ever-fabulous Miz Lisa is going to meet me for a number of days or running around, looking at art, eating food with heavy cream in it, and making as much trouble as time, energy and interest allow. Then I send her on her way and will have another week to knock around that part of the world, wherever I decide that should happen.

Somewhere in there, (Sunday, to be exact), I turn 30. Yay for me! I did my twenties really well, and now I’m done with them. If anybody wants a used set of the 20s, let me know. They’re pretty well-worn out, though, I gotta warn ya–it’s probably a better idea to get a set of your own, new. In any case, I’m very excited for this next chapter and eagerly await all of the gifts that the Thirties Fairy may bring. (According to my friends, the Thirties Fairy is a benevolent being with lots of nice stuff to give.)

Will likely be blogging infrequently at best the next couple of weeks, but who knows? Internet cafes make suckers of us all.

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