There are some days you plan to work, and discover that all you got is sleeping instead.

Dunno if it’s a low-grade bug or what, but it’s knocked me right out the last two days. Yesterday I slept most of the day until 4pm, and would have kept going but I was meeting a friend for dinner and didn’t want to cancel at the last minute (luckily my friend was amiable to meeting me someplace a little closer to my apt.) Today it’s been sleeping and trying to sleep, but there’s construction of some sort happening in our building so, you know, not so much.

I’m slogging along with the drafting. I’ve sort of petered out on this current chapter (5, for those of you watching at home, which is actually the fourth chapter, as 1 is getting written last) and need to find a second wind. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to keep my eyes open long enough to dig in.

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