I’ve got three chapters left to revise–mostly easy stuff, though I also have to insert a particular thread that I’m not so sure how to approach–and I have to write a proper Introduction. My word counts have already bulged past the mark, and any real work yet to come is in adding. I hope my editor gives me another 5k, because I don’t want to cut stuff that belongs in the book just for the sake of hitting the right price-point on the volume. That just stinks.

I’m such a nerd, paying attention to the directions like this. It’s the curse of the former freelancer, I’m told I have 800 words, I submit 800 words. I’m told I have 80,000 words, I hate having to submit more than that. A friend of mine handed in a 1,000-page mss to her publisher. Eventually they made her cut it to 400 pages. Talk about a not-fun revisions process. Lo aleinu!

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