I am now completely, totally, incontrovertably, excessively, blessedly married.

It was a lovely day. Even though was bit overcast and chilly/rainy, so there was only a little bit of bootyshaking (fortunately, it didn’t start being really rainy until we were in for lunch), it was just wonderful. It was the teeny tiny wedding we had both wanted, in a gorgeous location (there were redwoods) with all of the ritual bits just right, acting exactly as they should have, doing exactly what they were supposed to have. The rituals did their job and then some. I’m so grateful to all the people who were there for helping to make it happen.

I may write more about all this (and maybe post a picture or two when people get around to emailing me some–I have nothing at the moment) in a few days, once the dust has settled a bit. It’s been a week of getting this to happen (not to mention a lot of months with a Sisyphusian errands list, etc.) and I’m going to need to get back to ensuring that I don’t humiliate myself too badly on this Talmud test that’s taking place in a few weeks. But the next few days are about being en route with and enjoying my sweetie, like they should be.

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