Am working actually pretty hard these days. For what’s supposed to be my slacker semester and all.

Leaving in a few minutes to go to the plush swanky gym at the university, though–sadly, I think I’ll be there too early for Riki Lake, will have to acutally read my book for class. I hate American TV when I’m in America. Why do I love it here?

Pesach prep has already begun in the apartment, which is shocking–I’m never this organized. But I guess, given that I’ll be on vacation a few of the days that are usually prime cleaning time, I gotta be. Am also being very careful to try to eat all the hametz in the house, which leads to these horrible concessions like having to make pad thai and such.

Here’s the link to the RA Pesach guide, for those of you who like that sort of thing: Mmm, forbidden and permitted.

That is all. Is it springy enough outside to wear a skirt?

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