Graceland was fun, of course, but ultimately a bit disappointing. I was just expecting something, well, bigger in terms of both the size and scope of the tacky and the glitz. Great Late Elvis jumpsuit display, though.

Nashville: yay. The Country and Western Museum and Hall of Fame was really spectacularly done, and the Grand Ole Opry was pretty swell, as well.

One of the stinky things about my professional training is that you meet all these wonderful, amazing people, and then they finish their schooling and scatter off to the four winds to rabbi. One of the great things about my professional training is that if you happen to be wandering out in one of the four winds, there’s almost always someone to visit. We spent a wonderful, totally lovely, exceedingly swell Shabbat with two dear friends living in Chattanooga (thanks again, R and M!!) and their most excellent dog Shefa. We’re in Asheville, NC now (having driven through the super-pretty Smokey Mountains), and I am stuffed to the gills with vegan burrito and kale (Asheville is some pretty seriously hippie turf–I’m writing this from the vegetarian restaurant of my dreams) and are about to hopefully hook up with a friend who’s rabbiing here.

It’s North Carolina, it’s a lovely Sunday in late June. I have no complaints.

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