Disturbing thing I’ve noticed among at least one of the more obnoxious (generally right-wing) folks who post comments (ie its readers, not its bloggers–there’s one guy in particular that uses this a lot, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it by other people too) at JewSchool is that a new way to deride or put down other people posting is to “accuse” them of being… Muslim.

Like: “Since you are taking conversion classes to become a muslim, i really could care less what you do – i suggest you find a nice muslim girl and marry her.” Or: “dont interrupt [person’s name], hes off taking the advanced conversion classes to become a muslim.” (both quotes [sic], context is a fight about intermarriage and Jewish continuity.)

I guess guys calling each other “girl” or “faggot” isn’t charged enough in a Jewish context.

It is so scary to me that these guys think being Muslim is, like, the worst thing someone could be. Interestingly, the guy who gets it in the post I linked to is a fairly well-known refusenik–an Israeli who has refused to do his army service on political grounds. Which doesn’t in any sense make this whole dynamic any more messed-up, even if we get why the insulter has a chip on his shoulder about the insultee.

Can we NOT have this be the big new linguistic trend, people?

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