I haven’t answered your email because I am a terrible correspondant. Because I arranged to have extracurricular activities before I realized that I would actually have homework this year (the 4th years lied!). Because I was a sick, sick little kitten last week and then we had this big Shabbaton thingy with my school and now it’s midterms and then I’m leaving the country. And did I mention that I’m a terrible correspondant? Yeah.

Shane, I really owe you a big one. And Dina, hi, sorry! And so it goes.

In the meantime, anybody know a) about the European rail system in a way that could be useful to me and b) of an inexpensive hostel in Paris that is walking distance to the Louvre?

It’ll be really fun, this trip. I just need to survive the next couple of weeks getting there.

Okay, now. Poskim. What DID the Rif say about marrying multiple wives?

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