Kol Ra’ash Gadol has posted links to the introduction, notes and tshuvah itself (that is to say, the tshuvah that passed and creates the possibility of gay ordination and movement-sanctioned commitment ceremonies) by one of its authors up on JewSchool. You can find it all here.

In addition, R. Gordon Tucker has posted his tshuvah–one of the ones that didn’t pass, which pushed for gay inclusion but without the ban on sodomy–on his synagogue website, here.

Theoretically, everything will be available eventually on the Rabbinical Assembly website. You can find some of the older tshuvot on homosexuality (from the ’92-’93 go-round) there now–scroll down to the “Interpersonal Relations” section. They also have an official statement on the recent decision, if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

ETA: And here are three rabbis in SoCA (incl. R. Dorff, one of the tshuvah authors) talking about the implications of the decision on public radio.

It’s really amazing to me that there are no women rabbis, like, anywhere in any of these stories. But that’s another story altogether.

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