Hey, everybody, how were your Atonement Days? Mine was great. Where I went, the morning service lasted–and I kid you not about this–ten hours. For Shacharit, Torah service, and Musaf. Niggunim with unlimited attention span. My own attention span is a little more limited, but it was still pretty groovy until my inner Litvak started griping about could they hurry it up a little? They started Mincha at 4:30pm, after having started in the morning at 6:30am or so. I went someplace else for Neilah, though, because I had a strong desire to end the fast on time.

The secret to a good writing day is, predictably: unplugging the modem.

I have 12,500 words so far in my current chapter and I haven’t done almost any of the real expository work–this is just like the crude crayon outline. You’ll remember that each chapter is supposed to be about 7500 words. There will be much much cutting of the fat, but still. I wonder how much over the wordcount my editor is going to let me go. Hopefully some.

We’re (those of us dwelling in the Holy Land) on Winter Clock now, which happens every year right before Yom Kippur, because why end the fast at 7 if you can end it at 6? Sometimes this whole Jewish State business cracks me up. In any case, the good news is that for the next month, my friends in the U.S. are magically an hour closer to me, which makes emailing, IMming and phone calls an hour easier. Yay for that.

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