This is just too funny not to post here. Copied shamelessly from Harry off the JewSchool site. Go see the ad for yourself, it rocks so hard that even this vegetarian with a general contempt for all things golden arches is giving it PR.

Here’s Harry’s post:

“McDonalds in Israel has not only launched their very own shwarma (which I will eventually try for the sake of science), but they have also managed to come up with perhaps the greatest advertisement in Israel’s history. It’s a parody of Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield banter about McDonalds in France.

The dialogue goes something like this:
Vincent Vega: You know what they call a Quarter Pounder in Israel?
Jules Winnfield: No.
Vincent Vega: Mac Royale.
Jules Winnfield (laughing: A Mac Royale.
Vincent Vega: That’s right. And guess what they call the pita bread with pieces of turkey?
Jules Winnfield: What?
Vincent Vega: A MacShawarma
Jules Winnfield: A MacShawarma.
Vincent Vega: Yeah.
Jules Winnfield: So a guy just walks into a McDonalds and says, “Can I have a MikShuwarma please”?
Vincent Vega: Yeah, except they don’t say “please” in Israel.
Jules Winnfield: (laughs).”

Watch it here.

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