This gorgeous little boy (no, not the monkey) is Benjamin Jerome, born February 19th. He is the new adoptive son of my dear wonderful friends Laura and Micah (who has just posted about this, of course, on his own blog.) They are two truly extraordinary people, and I’m so thrilled for lucky Benjamin, who gets to have them as his parents.

Tante (Auntie) Danya over here has been over the moon with excitement and hope and prayers since this came up as a possibility last week. I consider myself as having acted with great restraint by not having bought out all of Babies R Us so far, and consider it a grave injustice that I have to wait a whole three months to meet him in person (though I have seen him via quicktime, and can verify that he’s definitely a shoo-in for the 2045 Nobel Peace Prize.)

Seriously. There are things that happen that just feel like God filling up the room the moment you’re aware of them, and then feel like God is somehow orchestrating the whole thing as it goes. And this is definitely one of them, even though I have no coherent theological statement about that. God is driving this train. And God truly couldn’t have picked a more deserving couple for the job. Mazal tov, Laura and Micah!

In the meantime, they still need lots of prayers to help them get through the official red tape final bits of this process, so whatever you feel like offering in the prayer department will, I’m sure, be gratefully received.

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