I got a funny email the other day. One, it was addressed to “Professor Ruttenberg,” which I think is hillarious, not because I might not ever be one (who knows? life is long) than because, you know, right now I’m sitting on my floor, listening to crappy music, decorating a belt buckle with paint pens and trying to cram as many Hebrew verbs as possible into my little brain. Right now I am not the picture of scholarly nuttin’.

Second, they asked for reprint rights for some of the stuff I wrote in my anthology for a forthcoming “scholarly book entitled [REMOVED TITLE, BUT IT HAS “ENCYCLOPEDIA” IN THE TITLE]“. Well, dat’s cool. Between that and the stuff I’m doing now for the EJ, I am a regular Encyclopedia Brown these days.

Third, both the original email and the permissions letter I got today say, “Publication is tentatively scheduled for January 2005.” I checked with the intern who wrote me, and yes, that’s what they meant. Did nobody tell them that a) January’s almost over and b) um, what would they have done if I (and presumably the other writers they’re soliciting) had said no? I know that it’s dang expensive to do major reworks on a mss once it’s in galley (pre-pub proofs) format, and if the original pub date is NOW they should have been done with the galley stage 6 months ago. So the request for permission now strikes me as more than a bit chutzpadik and presumptive, ‘specailly as none of us are in feminist publishing for the ca$h money.

What is wrong with me today? I (out of the loop, I guess) learned the word “wigga” today, and it’s like affecting my writing syntax in a bad bad way. Shiznit, gravy. Or maybe it’s just too much caffiene.

Speaking of galleys, I was asked in the comments a bit ago by AmEchad to talk about publishing, so I will–I haven’t forgotten the question and I’m not ignoring it, I’m just in the middle of finals now. More to come on that front soon.

In the meantime, forgive the radio silence to come, I’m working my tail off over here.

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