Revisions continue apace. I’ve gotten to the point with the mss where I’m having trouble telling if the stuff I’m adding and changing is to its benefit–it’s like staring at one thing too long, or saying, “purple purple purple” over and over again until it just sounds like meaningless babble. Today I have to work on writing a proper Introduction, and then there’ll be a few days away from the mss, and hopefully I’ll be able to read the thing intelligently and have some thoughts on what’s been done or what needs to be done.

The other project for about now is finding this thing a name. It has a working title, but I don’t think that it gets to keep it for the long haul. I sort of feel like one of those parents who can’t decide on a name for their child in the hospital and suddenly the kid is almost thirteen and s/he still doesn’t have a name. Usually this is a pretty easy part for me, but it’s just not coming this time. All the good titles are taken already, or so it seems from my current vantage. You think anyone would notice if I called my book The Autobiography of Malcolm X? It’d sell pretty well, huh?

Sigh. Something will come, because we can’t publish this book under the title, “This Book Project Thingo That I’ve Been Working On.”

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