According to an email from, the owner of is a recalcitrant husband. Although his wife has asked him, he will not grant her a get and therefore she cannot remarry. The Baltimore Beit Din has issued a seruv against him. Please keep this in mind when making your sukkot purchases this year.

According to Jewish law, a husband has to grant a wife a get, or divorce, to terminate a marriage. When a husband refuses to do so, the wife may become an agunah, a chained wife, who is stuck in the relationship and unable to remarry. Considerable pressure sometimes needs to be exerted by the community to get the husband to give a get.

GetORA is an organization working for the rights of agunot.

Date: Mon, September 20, 2004 11:33 pm

Sam Rosenbloom has a seruv issued against him by the Baltimore Beis din. A copy of the seruv can be viewed by going to

Mr. Rosenbloom owns and operates an on-line succah business

We would like everyone to be informed of this information and request that one should consult their local orthodox rabbi before purchasing anything from

Thank you.

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