Sorry about the no-website thing this week; I was moving over to another server and between slowness on the human side and slowness on the actual tech side (not to mention the paper-pushing side), it took longer than expected.

While I was gone, I guess some things have happened. Like the CJLS approved a tshuvah that will enable gay rabbis to be ordained by the Conservative movement and sanctions the performing of same-sex commitment ceremonies. In my tiny world, this is considered a pretty big deal.

What to say? I’m very glad that the thing passed. I don’t love how the process went down and I have some critiques of specific points and issues in the whole package of Wednesday’s ruling. But mostly I’m just glad that kavod ha-briot (respect for all living creatures) has won out, that people can get a rabbinic education or find a congregational home in the movement, if that’s where they understand God to be sending them, without having to pay a horrible and spiritually toxic price. Hooray for that. Hooray for God. Hooray for love.

As for me, I’m still in the gnarly wilds of Chapter Seven. I’m not done being convinced that it’s trying to kill me.

Back to it, then.

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