…to move Sukkot over to Mar Cheshvan, where there isn’t a lot going on, holiday-wise. It’d be a bit chillier, sure, but still quite refreshing. Or maybe to during the Three Weeks? You know, late summer, be nice to be outside, and it’s sort of a gloomy time, a little Sukkas cheer might be just the thing.

Seriously. I love this holiday. It’s so pagan in all the best ways. It does make me happy. But you know what, God? It would make me even happier if I had 45 seconds to catch my breath from the last round of stuff, first! This is too much too much too much.

Spent too much money on a lulav and etrog today, buying it from people who were rude to me (nothing like the hagim to foster a girl’s anti-semitic feelings) and then tottered off to a friend’s house for sukkah-building. Didn’t have the time or the energy, but we did do a lovely job. If I do say so myself.

Now, to the last bit of work I can do, while it’s still dang Chol.

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