When I was in the States, I have several opportunities to eat One of the Most Perfect Foods Ever, aka the burrito. But each time, had managed to screw up and eat like a heavy or a late lunch, and so by the time I got to the restauraunt to meet my friend/dinner date, my appetite just wasn’t worthy. To my own irritation, I found myself ordering something else.

So now what? Now I’m having *dreams* about burritos, waking to crave their yummy warm tortilla goodness. Oh, I want one so bad. Execept… I’m in Jerusalem. Argh.

There’s no decent (kosher or 100% veg rest) burrito anywhere in Jerusalem, is there? Some magical place that I don’t know about? Barring that, anybody know where I can get good, large, FRESH tortillas in this town? The place I’d been finding them only has small (fajita-sized) ones that are not fresh enough to be worth getting, frankly.

Burrito, where are you?????

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