Here’s something on a legislator who doesn’t stink from the infrequently-updated blog at Bitch Magazine. I’m gonna quote most of the post, none of this is mine (and for the record I hate the phrase “anti-choice.” I think abortion should be legal and am frightened and angered by recent movements to overturn Roe v. Wade, and/though I think there are plenty of places in which people who identify as pro-choice and people who identify as pro-life actually have a lot to say to each other about what a healthy, whole society might look like, and using language that polarizes the positions doesn’t help anything.) Anyway, cool state rep here:

Am I allowed to vote for a Kentucky legislator even though I live in New York? If so, I’d like to cast my ballot for Representative Mary Marzian (D-Louisville). She’s introduced a bill to honor Margaret Sanger; she was one of only 16 state legislators to vote against a “marriage amendment” banning gay marriage and civil unions; she’s pushed for expanded access to abortion for low-income women.

And thank goodness for these efforts. As in many other states, Kentucky’s right wing is gathering steam, chipping away at reproductive rights through such measures as mandatory waiting periods for abortions, “conscience clauses” allowing health providers to refuse services, and so-called trigger laws that will outlaw abortion in the state should Roe v. Wade be overturned.

Anti-choicers’ latest ploy: hitting the streets, literally, via the production and sale of “Choose Life” license plates. Legislation authorizing the plates was introduced in 2003, but stalled until a federal court ruled in March that a similar Tennessee statute was legal (this despite the fact that the Tennessee Legislature rejected a “Choose Choice” plate option in 2002). Brings a whole new connotation to John Hiatt’s “Tennessee Plates,” doesn’t it?

Marzian’s response was to introduce the following amendments to the Kentucky plates bill:

“Retain original provisions except…

“…change ‘Choose Life’ to ‘Choose Senior Prescription Drug Medicare Benefit’ and specify that [the] plate bear the likeness of the symbol of prescription drugs as ‘Rx’.

“…change ‘Choose Life’ to ‘Choose An Increase in the Cigarette Tax Instead of Cuts to Human Services’ and specify that [the] plate bear the likeness of a wheelchair.

“…change ‘Choose Life” to “Choose Gambling’ and specify that [the] plate bear the likeness of a slot machine.

“…change ‘Choose Life’ to ‘Peace is Patriotic’ and specify that [the] plate bear the likeness of a dove.

“…change ‘Choose Life’ to ‘Choose Pre-Emptive First Strike Doctrine’ and specify that [the] plate bear the likeness of a cruise missile.

“…change ‘Choose Life’ to “Choose No Death Penalty’ and specify that [the] plate bear the likeness of an electric chair with a red circle and red ‘X’ superimposed on the electric chair.

“…change ‘Choose Life’ to ‘Choose Corruption by Special Interest Money’ and specify that [the] plate bear the likeness of a dollar sign superimposed on the Capitol Dome.”

Read the “Choose Life” bill and Marzian’s amendments here; you can also check out Marzian’s overall voting record. —Juliet Eastland

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